Support for Students

Executive Functioning Skills groups for middle school aged students

Executive functioning skills help us to direct and regulate every facet of our lives. This 10 week group is focused on developing a stronger self-awareness around key executive functioning skills and exploring effective strategies to support working memory, organizing & prioritizing, time management, cognitive flexibility, goal setting and self-monitoring.

“Powerfully You” group and individual lessons

“The Powerfully You curriculum is a series of lessons designed to teach fundamental skills and concepts that encourage self-awareness and enable self-regulation, leading to improvements in emotional mastery. Powerfully You provides a lens through which individuals can view themselves and others in a positive light. This lens values strengths, individual differences, and sees the whole person from a perspective of compassion and curiosity.”

Group lessons are designed for elementary aged students.

Individual lessons can be adapted for neurodivergent students, such as students with autism or ADHD.