Support for International School Teachers

Professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities with practical information for the classroom. Topics relevant to the scope of occupational therapy can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or teacher group. Currently, the most sought-after topics include self-regulation, sensory integration in the classroom, strategies to support executive functioning skills, and fine/visual motor skill development. Professional development trainings can be offered onsite or provided in live virtual formats.

Occupational therapy services

Occupational therapy services are not always accessible to educators in the international school system. Teacher consultations can offer one-on-one support to provide opportunities to discuss, strategize and plan for specific concerns or a classroom focus. Consultations can be “one-off” opportunities or purchased as a package for ongoing support throughout the school year.

Regulated Learning for All

Regulated Learning for All is a training program developed to bring self-regulated learning into the classroom. We support educators with an easy-to-implement program that teaches students how to be self-regulated learners, thus moving away from the model where teachers spend time and energy trying to get their students to focus and attend.